Information about treatment of personal information
With reason to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), EUs new general data protection law, going live at 25th of May
2018, it will become new rules for handling of personal information. This law contains rules to secure that data and
information collected by companies are handled in a correct matter. And is a step to secure the individuals personalintegrity.
Sandhamns Värdshus AB wants to secure that you as our guest feel secure with the way we handle your personal
information. We don’t use our information for anything else then send booking confirmation and reminders about
upcoming reservation. Your information is stored in a private registry, this information isn´t public, will never be sheared
and got no third party involvement
You can at any time request that your information is erased from our registry.
Don´t hesitate to contact us if you got any questions about the handling of your personal information.

Information and consent to handling of your personal information
Sandhamns Värdshus
Box 79
130 39 Sandhamn

Purpose and how we use your personal information
When you leave your information to us to make a reservation, your information will only be used for its purpose. The
information is used to be able to contact you about your reservation.

Legal ground for treatment of your personal information
By agreeing to these terms you leave your consent to Sandhamns Värdshus to handle your personal information with your
reservation. Your consent will be registered in our booking system and will be stored with your personal information during
the time it is saved.

These personal information is saved for your reservation
First name, sur name, address, mobile number, e-mail and nationality.

Data storage time and terms for erasing of personal information
Sandhamns Värdshus only stores your personal information as long as we got a need for them. After your visit or when the
need and purpose of the registration is over your information will be erased. Generally your information will be erased
within 2 months.

Your rights and choices
When registered in our system you got rights you need to know about. You got rights to get wrongfully information
changed. If you feel you left us wrong information or if your information changes during the period when we keep them,
you’re welcome to contact us to change them.
You also got the right to have your information erased.
You also got right to demand a register of your personal information. At a register inquiry you need to send a written letter
to our department handling those inquiry’s.

If you got any other questions about your personal information or if you feel your rights isn´t respected you are welcoem to
contact Sandhamns Värdshus, you also got rights to make a formal complaint to Datainspectionen witch is the authority
overseeing GDPR in Sweden

Contact Sandhamns Värdshus
Box 79
130 39 Sandhamn

Contact Datainspektionen
Telefon: 08-657 61 00